Technical drawings

Niviss Pool Medium with a maximum power of 18W was designed with passion using modern technologies The lamp is made of the highest quality 316L stainless steel, and the light source is LEDs from the american company CREE, which provide a high luminous flux. The product can be used in places such as swimming pools, ponds, fountains, squares, gardens, wharves.

Housing SS316L
Glass type Tempered
Working temperature range -20˚C ÷ +55˚C
IP protection class IP68
Lifetime L80B10 ≥ 60 000h
Impact resistance IK10
Protection class III
Connection 1,5m
Wiring SIHF 2X1.5
Dimming PWM, ON-OFF
Light emission direct
Colour rendering index ≥80
SDCM colour tolerance <3
Luminous flux tolerance ±10%
Power supplies apart from the luminaireordered separately
Light distribution symmetrical
Nominal voltage [V] 12V/24V DC
Rated power [W] 18
Light source LED
Angle of distribution 10˚, 20˚,30˚
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