Niviss is not only innovative products, high-class lighting fixtures, modern machinery park, but also our wonderful employees. It is thanks to them that we can constantly develop. Responding to their needs and being grateful that they are with us, allowing us to achieve further success, this year we started participating in the "Two hours for the family" campaign. It is an initiative carried out by the Humanites foundation. From micro-enterprises to multi-thousand corporations, hundreds of employers, institutions, non-governmental organizations and local governments, understanding the needs of their employees, join this global initiative. It might seem that it is only two hours, but spending it effectively with your family is a great benefit both for us as a company and for our employees. We are happy that we can give them a chance to spend more time effectively with their loved ones. As a company, we take the issue of corporate social responsibility seriously and participation in this campaign is one of the many areas of our activity in this field. 


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