Short guide to Niviss LED modules


NIVISS specializes in the design and manufacture of products based on LEDs, focusing on solutions of very high quality. NIVISS implements the production process comprehensively. We provide technical consulting (choice of LEDs, optics, power supply and PCB), design of LED modules, drivers, housings and we adapt them to the requirements of a particular application. The company is able to provide both mass production, as well as smaller series of custom solutions implemented for a particular customer. All NIVISS products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. NIVISS constantly improves and increases the qualifications of its employees by investing in its own laboratory, necessary for the production and testing of new LED solutions.

We offer help with choosing and designing of dedicated mechanical componenets. Our mechanical section offers help in the scope of dedicated thermal solutions. Mechanical solutions in the field of LED lighting have no secrets for us. Additionally, as one of very few companies, we offer modules in a wide solder mask colour range. Our strong point is the ability to apply a high reflectance solder mask. Additionally, we offer modules with a wide range of copper thickness, cover type and MCPCB thickness. By using our services you can also use our knowledge and experience in the scope of the development of optical solutions. LED optics can now be fully compatible with your products. It’s also an opportunity for a further personalization of your products.

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