REFLED – new era in outdoor lighting

Refled Technology enhances the outdoor luminaires properties in many ways:

- Passive Glare Protection: Due to the novel construction of optics using reflected light the maximum level of luminance is ten times lower than when using a standard reflector or lens. It seriously lowers the photobiological safety risk of the person staring at the lamp.

- Active Glare Protection: sensors can cause the light to dim when a person approaches the luminaire to close. It significantly increases the safety of pedestrians not aware of dazzle risk.

- Enhanced Mechanical Protection due to usage of a special covered glass with a higher hardness value. Such cover is more immune for wheeled and pedestrians movement and increases the lifetime of luminaires.

- External Heat Transfer System allowing work of the luminaires longer or in the harsher environment due to the possibility of adding external heatsinks in an appropriate size if needed using the magnetic force.

- Increased Ingress Protection Level to IK69K. The luminaires with specially designed gaskets made from selected materials are protected against close-range high pressure hot spray downs and can be cleaned with powerful high-temperature water jets.

 You can build Your own Refled product by mixing different options or choosing just one extraordinary function which makes us different from competition. Ask for our Refled products or check our catalogue searching for products marked with unique -R marking.

Refled – new opening in Niviss ground lighting fixtures.


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