Architectural LED lighting adapted to individual projects

The Niviss company is able to provide both mass production, as well as smaller series of custom solutions implemented for particular customer. All Niviss products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

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Custom Made LED Modules

Niviss has been focused for over a decade on the development of LED-based lighting products. The core of our rich portfolio are LED modules which are used in every possible application starting from street lightinig, through decorative and advertising lighting to automotive and horticulture. In most cases we deliver custom solutions developed on request and according to our customer’s guidelines. 

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nShelf-V2 IWL VA01

New Products

Niviss Ground Refled
Based on CREE® LEDsAuto Dimming230V AC IP67Front made of 316L
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Niviss Pool Standard LED
Based on CREE ® LEDs 12V/24V DC Made of 316L steel Power:(...)
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nStep Mini
The Niviss nStep mini fixture can be used for lighting many places(...)
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nStep Standard
The Niviss nStep mini fixture can be used for lighting many places(...)
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Niviss Pool Micro LED
Based on CREE® LEDs 12V/24V DC Made of 316L steel Power: 2W(...)
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Niviss Pool Medium LED
Based on CREE® LEDs 12V/24V DC Made of 316L steel Power: 18W(...)
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NIVISS mission is to provide the customers high end products meeting the standards of the XXI century, the century of quality.


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Technical article: ,,Comparison of modelling and measurement results of spectra emitted by a programmable lamp".
Webinar: Niviss Ground Series LED Outdoor Lighting
Niviss- Powered by Mean Well

Niviss PHP Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. has been a reliable Scania CV AB Unit supplier since 22.03.2016 offering good customer service and on time deliveries. The supplied product is homologated according to the R10 regulation and is used in the automotive industry. We confirm that this product is distinguished by high quality and low complaint rate. 

Scania CV AB can recommend Niviss PHP Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. to all potential customers. 

/ Scania CV AB, Business Recommendation Letter

Elmarco Technika Świetlna, a highly esteemed polish manufaturer of lighting products, has been using Niviss Outdoor Series Modules in their lamps for many years. In Elmarco’s rich portfolio you can find the full range of products for outdoors. These are lamps for roads, zebra crossings, streets, parks, gardens, parking lots, squares and for public zones. The confirmation of the highest quality of both lamps and modules is the fact, that Elmarco offers these products with a 5-year warranty. Except of lighting for outdoors Elmarco produces a wide spectrum of products for indoors which are for instance chandeliers, ceiling lamps, plafonds and desk lamps

/ Elmarco Technika Świetlna, Business Recommendation Letter

The Heban company from Kraków used the powerful light sources from Niviss to light-up all showrooms located in different parts of Poland. We chose Niviss because of their experience, support and professional attitude. Niviss lightsources outperformed the competitors and with them we save energy every day. The big advantage of Niviss is the customizability of their products – we chose a standard solution from their catalogue and we let them adjust it according to our requirements. We consider Niviss as the lighting industry professionals and we recommend their products to customers who want to see the difference.

/ Heban, Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Business Recommendation Letter

The Historical Museum in Bielsko-Biała uses Niviss products to illuminate the Sulkowski Dukes’ Castle Exhibition. Niviss is punctual with the deliveries, their products give the final touch to the exhibition and emphasise the key elements of it. Light sources used in our application are reliable and energy-saving and this is why we highly recommend them to every customer who is looking for a maintenance free operation of his lighting system. 

/ The Historical Museum in Bielsko-Biała, Business Recommendation Letter

Armada Company LTD. is a specialist in lighting and offers sophisticated lighting solutions for architectual and garden lighting. Niviss outdoor fixtures have been successfully used for over 3 years and are our number one choice. 

Niviss brand is desired by our customers who always look for the highest quality, reliability, wide spectrum of products and customisability. This is why Niviss, who offers a 5-year warranty, is one of our leading partners in business.

We highly recommend Niviss and their products to everyone

/ Armada Company LTD., Recommendation Letter
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The project concerns the support of the entrepreneur in ensuring financial liquidity and supports the company's day-to-day operations

as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. It supports the continuation of the company's activity and its further development.

Financial aid granted under the program No. SA.57015 (2020 / N).

Project value: PLN 40 491,67

Contribution of European Funds - 100%


Application for project funding operational programme Intelligent Development

Financial aid granted under the program POIR.03.02.01-22-0022/19

Project value: PLN 1 397 250,00

Contribution of European Funds - 45%